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What Clients Say

"Throughout the redesign of our organization Ken Macher brought expertise, yes, but more than that. He became a real friend, who helped me and the entire management team both professionally and personally. I never saw him miss a thing, and he was tough when he needed to be. At the same time he made everyone so comfortable that we were able to deal with some very difficult issues--like the future of our own jobs--head on."

Jim Maynor, President
First Union Home Equity Corp.

"The work that Ken did with our top management team made a huge impact--in our personal relationships and in the performance of our whole company. I don't generally like consultants, but he has earned my confidence and trust."

Jim McClintic, President
SciCor (Corning)

"Ken Macher has been an integral part of helping our management teams through significant structural and directional change. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him for over eight years. His greatest strength is helping managers experience open communication and its results--trust and commitment to change. Rarely do you see the kind of ownership for plans that we experience when he works with us."

Stan Stout, VP of Human Resources
Dun and Bradstreet Software

"Ken Macher gives everyone the feeling that he knows his business and has been there."

Dave Brown, Manager
Uranium Re-cycle Unit

"I hired Ken to help us plan our future at a time of great uncertainty and stress. It has turned out to be one of the most positive things we have ever done."

Roy Davis, Manager
Georgia Power Co.

"Ken Macher has worked with us on system-wide change as well as team development with our top management group. What stands out is his integrity."

Gary Jewkes, Vice President
Glasrock Home Health Care

"Ken Macher substantially increased our executive team's ability to address tough issues with candor, while maintaining each person's dignity. He has also shown us that an executive's job is to ask the right questions. We were successful when we engaged Ken, but have consistently broken our own performance records during the time he has worked with us. I attribute a significant amount of that success to our work with him."

Doug Crisp, Senior Vice President
Consumer Credit Division
Wachovia/First Union

"We had grappled, without success, with several critical issues within our system. An extensive data gathering and analysis consulting project had not helped. During our first executive team meeting with Ken Macher we made more progress than we had in years. We made significant breakthroughs and moved toward common solutions. In subsequent meetings, Ken helped us to talk constructively and objectively about very contentious issues - which makes all the difference. These are the best meetings we've ever had."

Ed Carlson, COO
Holy Cross Health Systems Corp.