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Productive Conversations

Why Productive Conversations is Important
Senior management teams and boards must be able to put their most significant issues on the table and resolve them effectively. There is no capability that is more important to their success.

Too often, despite good intentions, groups face frustrating barriers:

The Benefits of Mastering Productive Conversations
Management teams can become highly skilled at what they do - just as musical ensembles or athletic teams can become masterful. Effective group communications are based on protocols that are easy to understand, and with practice dramatically improve the quality of thinking and discussion. Productive conversations mean:

How Productive Conversations Sessions Work
A typical PC session lasts one and a half to two days. Prior to the meeting each group member is asked to prepare a brief case study about a significant matter that is not going as well as it should, due in part to interpersonal issues. Case preparations take about 45 minutes. The highest priority cases become the agenda for the meeting.

The unique feature of a PC session is learning in real time. This means that the group is learning critical skills while at the same time addressing important organizational matters.

Productive Conversations is relevant for people with advanced communications skills. Clients find the process challenging and profoundly beneficial.