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The world of work is fast and complex. Key people can become unsettled by uncertainty and the pace of change. Interpersonal and political obstacles can drain precious time from the critical work at hand.

So much depends on you and your team remaining clear, and aligned with each other. It is not easy. Working non-stop may feel like the only way, but often is not strategic. Avoiding tough conversations with colleagues may feel like the easiest route, but addressing issues early and skillfully is much better.

Ken can help you and your team to think through your most critical issues, and to make the decisions you need to be successful in challenging times. A little time invested can be worth hundreds of hours of less fruitful activity.

Take time to get clear and to reach collective commitment. This is where Ken can help you and your team. Learn more about Ken's services »

About Ken Macher
Ken Macher has 25 years of consulting experience in the art and practice of human relations. His clients range from some of the largest corporations in the world to small non-profits and start-ups. He:

  • Helps groups to communicate effectively about their most critical issues
  • Serves as executive coach and trusted advisor to those in positions of responsibility
  • Implements strategies for increased collaboration, morale and initiative

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