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Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting to Leaders
People in positions of responsibility find it extremely valuable to have an experienced, unbiased person as a sounding board. Ken understands the issues leaders face and is a good listener. Dozens of CEO's and directors have found him to be an intelligent and trustworthy confidant - for themselves and as a resource for other managers.

Success Story: DecisionOne Mortgage
Consulted to the CEO for ten years as the organization grew from an eight-person start up to 1500 people. Conferred closely on a range of issues: personnel decisions within the executive team, including hiring and firing; deciding on a major acquisition; and managing rapid growth. Was a friend to the CEO as he pondered the private decision to sell the company and retire.

Increasing Team Effectiveness
The success of any venture depends on the quality of collaboration among key people - whether a small family business or a multinational corporation. It starts at the top and is also vital for working groups throughout the organization. Ken has extensive experience helping teams increase their ability to resolve tough issues effectively, to deal with differences, and to analyze complicated problems. He can help you reach collective commitment to plans so that everyone is truly pulling together.

Success Story: Holy Cross Health Care
Facilitated meetings of semi-autonomous CEOs as they resolved sensitive issues about resource allocation. Used Productive Conversations to resolve previously undiscussible issues.

Success Story: Pinellas County Florida
Conducted ongoing team development with the executive group and then with management teams at other levels. Facilitated the process for a dramatic re-envisioning of the role of county government.

Creating Organizational Culture
The operating principles that determine how people behave are potent invisible levers for high performance. Leaders know the importance of cultural factors like collaboration and commitment. Yet, it takes expertise to build these in an organization. Ken can help you to consciously shape your organization's character so that it brings out the best in people.

Success Story: Wachovia/First Union
Worked with the Senior VP of the consumer credit division for three years on improving management practices and designing work teams to maximize employee empowerment and customer service. Used Productive Conversations to create a culture of "merit decision making" - where ideas are judged according to their merit rather than the rank of the person who suggests it.