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About Ken Macher

Ken Macher

Ken Macher has been a trusted advisor to executives and executive teams in organizations of all kinds and sizes since 1982. He has worked with CEOs of major financial institutions and health care systems, with the headmaster of a prep school, and with a five-person start-up.

Ken has a B.A. from Indiana University and M.A. in educational psychology from the University of Massachusetts. Mainly he has been a continual student of human nature, particularly in organizations and in the world of work.

He has spoken at national conferences on organizational culture and leadership, and has taught leadership at the corporate universities of BellSouth, 3Com, and Georgia Power Co. He has had numerous articles published in leading management and human resource journals including The Journal for Quality and Participation, Association Management, Personnel Journal, and Training and Development Journal.

Ken has grown children and now lives with his wife north of San Francisco. He devotes his time to nonprofit causes in various capacities. Besides consulting, he is a recorded singer-songwriter.